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The hiring regulations of FIMABIS, which stands for the Andalusian Public Foundation for Health and Biomedicine Research in Málaga (Fundación para la Investigación de Málaga en Biomedicina y Salud), arises from its status as a foundation registered in the Foundations Registry of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia with the number MA/606, governed by Law 10/2005 of 31 May. FIMABIS has the status of a contracting authority without being a public administration, in accordance with the provisions of art. 26 of Law 9/2017, of 8 November, on Public Sector Contracts (hereinafter LCSP). On its part, the IBIMA Plataforma BIONAND is a Health Research Institute created on 19 March 2012 by virtue of the agreement signed between the Ministry of Health; the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science; the Andalusian Health Service; the University of Málaga; and the Andalusian Public Foundation for Health and Biomedicine Research in Málaga. In addition, it is one of the more than 30 institutes accredited for health research in Spain by the Carlos III Institute of Health.

FIMABIS contracts are private in nature and are governed by the provisions of Title I of Book Three of the LCSP in terms of their preparation and awarding. In regard to its effects and termination, the regulations of private law and regulations referred to in the first paragraph of article 319 on environmental, social or labour matters; special conditions on the execution, modification of the contract, assignment and subcontracting; technical optimisation of the contracting and the cause of contract termination referring to the impossibility of executing or carrying out the service in the terms initially agreed when it is not possible to modify the contract in accordance with Articles 204 and 205, shall be applicable.

Within this type of contract, the LCSP differentiates between contracts subject to standard regulations and those that are not. The preparation and awarding of the former are governed by the guidelines established in sections 1 and 2 of chapter I of title I of book II of the LCSP by virtue of article 317 of said law.

This foundation, in compliance with the principle of transparency in hiring and the efficacy and efficiency in administration, encourages and prefers the use of electronic, information technology and telematic means in the procedures encompassed by the law by bidding companies and candidates.

Therefore, the Andalusian Public Foundation for Health and Biomedicine Research in Málaga will use the State Contracting Platform as a means of communication with companies to carry out public tenders for procedures that require it and also to comply with Law 19/2013 of 9 December, on transparency, access to public information and good governance. This means of communication complies with the regulations applicable to public procurement and contracting authorities, providing maximum dissemination and transparency in the procurement processes.

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Support and Promote

Proactively support and promote R&D&I of excellence in health in the autonomous community of Andalusia in general and in the province of Málaga in particular


Guarantee equality and equity in access for professionals in the Andalusian Public Healthcare System (SSPA, for its initials in Spanish) in the province of Málaga to the portfolio of management and support services of the SSPA’s Network of Research Management Foundations


Boost the applicability of research results in the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and/or clinical practice through management of the protection and transfer of results


Develop a policy of actively seeking public and private funding, maximising the fundraising capacity with the ultimate goal of fostering increased scientific competitiveness as well as the sustainability and self-financing of FIMABIS


Strengthen the conduct of clinical trials and observational studies within FIMABIS’ scope of action, guaranteeing maximum respect for ethical principles and promoting mechanisms for their effective control


Foster the training of professionals as well as the development, mobility and networking of talent and creativity both nationally and internationally