Technology transfer

Within the framework of a modern economy and society based on the knowledge, we understand transfer of knowledge to be the efficient transfer of innovative ideas, training, technologies and research results. This transfer is carried out multilaterally, a two-way communication among hospitals and the health area in general terms, namely, universities, research institutions, companies, investors and the community (in the widest sense). The mentioned technology transfer, when this is done effectively and actively, leads to the development of new innovative products and services giving as a result a positive impact in society, a financial return on the public investment within the field of the R&D&I and a competitiveness within the national business sector.

The objectives of the technology transfer department part of FIMABIS in coordination with OTT SSPA are listed hereinbelow:

  • Identifying the intangible assets resulting from the researches performed within its competences.
  • Providing a comprehensive advice on the appropriate protection and transfer of the research results.
  • Developing a fluent and strategic contact with the business sector in order to reach agreements and approvals intended for both, the fundraising for the projects development as well as for the exploitation of the knowledge generated.
  • Offering legal assistance for the appropriate formalization of collaboration and exploitation agreement among others.
  • Supporting and promoting enterprising activities and creation of spin-off companies.


Isabel Guerrero Molina-

For further information in regards to the services portfolio offered by FIMABIS as member of the RFGI-SSPA, please address to Investiga+.