About us

FIMABIS, (Andalusian Public Foundation for Health and Biomedicine Research in Malaga) is a non-profit foundation devoted to the integral management and promotion of Research & Development and Innovation (R&D&I) for institutions, organizations and professional members of the Andalusian Public Health System (SSPA as per its Spanish acronyms) in Malaga, by means of an agreement entered by and between SSPA and FIMABIS.

By means of its services portfolio FIMABIS backs up and supports the users during all the biomedical research processes they may carry out; from the initial advisory service to the transfer of the results achieved into society.

The foundation is member of the NETWORK OF RESEARCH MANAGEMENT FOUNDATIONS belonging to the SSPA (RFGI-SSPA as per its Spanish acronyms) with the common aim of offering more comprehensive services of better quality to all the researchers in Andalusia.

Map of the Centres in Malaga

Map of the Centres in Malaga